Where Have I Been? – An Update

So this is just meant to be a small update in regards to why my summer travels sorta just cut off after my last update. I haven’t finished all of them – I still have to write about my trips to Luxembourg, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, Edinburgh, and London, and then to Taiwan with my family.

I’ve had some issues with my laptop lately – my photos from my travels took up too much space and I couldn’t open apps to even delete photos or videos or anything, and I couldn’t upload photos here, so I figured a blog post without the photos wouldn’t be as much fun, so I figured I would just wait until everything got sorted out.

That being said, I’m finally getting around to getting this fixed & cleaned up, albeit slowly, plus I have lots of schoolwork to attend to, so I will HOPEFULLY be able to upload more posts about my more recent travels.

I apologize for the loooooong delay. Hope to get stuff up soon!

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