Chilling in Eisriesenwelt

So I’m lagging a little far behind in blog posts.  I just got back from Florence, which will be my next blog post after this one, but first I need to talk about my trip to Eisriesenwelt and Werfen, Austria.

So since we didn’t have anything going on on the weekend of the 26th of October, a group of Penthouse people and I decided to do a trip to Werfen, about 45 minutes away from Salzburg.  Werfen is an alpine village, and the world’s largest ice caves are located there, at the top of the alps.

So we woke up very early to get on a train to Werfen, and the train ride was absolutely gorgeous.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures, only videos, but take my word for it when you see the pictures of Werfen itself.  Anyways, when we got into Werfen, at the train station was a bus that would take us to the bottom of the mountain, where we would hike and then take a cable car, then hike some more.  The cable car situation was really cool, because it was a cloudy morning, so it went straight up and disappeared into the clouds.  Anyways, once we arrived at the top, this was our view:


So after hiking for around 30 minutes (?  I’m not really sure, I wasn’t paying attention to time so it could have been way shorter or way longer), we arrived at the entrance to the cave:


It was such a gorgeous place.  It was so cold, and we were somewhat exhausted, but WOW the views were worth it.

We were between cloud layers!
Here’s a picture of the backs of the group I traveled with.

So after taking lots of pictures, we went inside the ice caves.  It was so cool (literally), and we were given oil lamps to keep with tradition because they’ve used oil lamps since the 1920s, when they first started giving tours.  Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures (it’s against the rules), but our tour guide, who was a young guy, let us during one part because his boss left part-way through the trip:

The only picture I got from the cave

Anyways, the ice caves were gorgeous and absolutely fascinating.  I really enjoyed the tour, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone stopping through Austria – the inside of the caves are sparkly with ice and the tour guides are hilarious and very friendly.  We got to learn a lot about Austrian culture by talking to a “retired” tour guide (he was young, also probably mid-20s, but he worked a different job so he wasn’t giving tours anymore, but he joined because his friend was the tour guide), and he got to learn about American culture.  It was a really good time inside the ice caves, and it was very worth it.  Not to mention the views that you get from the hike and outside!


So on the way back down, we stopped to get some food.  I wish I got pictures of the view from the restaurant and not just a video, because I can’t include that, but it was heavenly.  Sitting right over the clouds on a bright, sunny, chilly day, with warm goulash and bread, with some good friends was absolutely heavenly.  It’s seriously like something straight out of a dream – the food was inexpensive and DELICIOUS, the people I was with are fantastic, and the views were incredible.  It’s hard to explain just how perfect it was.

Anyways, we headed back down the mountain, and we had a little while before our train back to Salzburg, so we took the time to explore Werfen a little bit.  It was such a quaint little Austrian alpine village, and it was so fun to explore.

The castle in Werfen – it’s a falconry!


Oddly enough, this was one of my favorite pictures I’ve gotten so far.  The flag was so vibrant!
Werfen reminded me of Salinas, a little bit.

We stopped to grab some pastries and coffee, and just sat and talked for about an hour.  We talked about trips, plans for next semester (they’re all going home), and more.  Though the one downside of the day was that, at one point, a wasp landed on my lips and was crawling around my mouth, so that scared the life out of me.  Other than that, it was a fantastic day.

From there, we headed back to Salzburg, with no issues, and got some much needed rest.  All in all, like 30/10 day, it was just so good.  I’d definitely go back to Werfen to explore more, because I loved it so much.

So what’s coming up in the next couple of posts?

Well, there’s the Florence trip, which’ll be a long one because of a lot of stuff that happened on the trip to Florence, as well as the fact that it was a long weekend so we got an extra day.  Then next weekend, I’m heading to London, so there’ll be that coming up pretty soon too.

Mit Liebe aus Werfen,



German: ,,auf alle Fälle” =  English: “in any case”


“Comfortable with Silence” by Andy Shauf.  Pretty relaxing guitar and whatnot.  I like Andy Shauf a lot, and he does all of the instrumentation himself.

Here’s a photo dump!:

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